It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a month since I’ve bothered to share any of my multitude of useless opinions and meandering, worthless anecdotes with the universe!

And I have a very good excuse for not wanting to do any such thing right now.My computer is technically functional, yet, it is also, technically Done Busted:

Therefore, it is possible for me to use the Internet and to write stuff on my computer, but it is also a process that is sort of really annoying. And while I boundless and nearly-baseless irritation often makes the best blog fodder, the other thing is, it’s really nice out and I might just want to drink beer on my porch and enjoy the last of Portland summer while it lasts. I’ve ordered a new screen though, finally, and so unless in the process of installing it I manage to blow up my computer and finally retreat to a bunker in eastern Oregon as I’ve long been planning to do, I should be back in no time with an incessant stream of 3,500-word posts about how George Michael changed my life and “Check it out gang, here’s my top 5 favorite viral videos of drunk puppies! NOT THAT I ENDORSE IN ANY WAY THE GIVING OF ALCOHOL TO YOUNG ANIMALS.”

In the meantime, I’d like to make you aware of a new project that I am also involved in! It is called “Think Again, My Friend” and it is a podcast! That is also a quiz show! That involves myself, the extraordinary Mike Sugarbaker, the ebullient Brendan Adkins, and more recently, a guy named Mark who receives no flattering adjectives because he doesn’t have anything I can link to. The most recent episode contains jokes about, among other things, bird rape. After recording, I thought this rather distressing conversational derailment was my fault, but now that I’ve listened to the thing, I’m not really sure. Anyway, you’ve been warned. Enjoy.