So I’ve been working up a post in my head about penis size and the public health ramifications thereof (stop laughing! It’s a serious issue! OK, you can laugh a little bit) but I’m feeling kind of lazy and decided instead to link this video instead. I posted it to my Facebook and Twitter feeds a while back, after Kim sent it to me. Like almost everything I think is awesome, everyone I know either loved it or was like, “ZzzZZZZzzz what? Christen, you are so weird.”

And as with everything I think is awesome, I’m tempted to stop speaking to everyone in the latter category, or rather be surprised that they continue to speak to me. IF YOU DO NOT LOVE VULGAR, SELF-DEPRECATING HYPERBOLE, YOU’RE A SICK SHITFACE AND I HOPE YOU EAT A BUNCH OF BAD INDIAN FOOD AND DIE IN A RIVER OF YOUR OWN SHIT! BECAUSE YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD ME AND YOUR HAIR LOOKS DUMB. Also, please watch the whole thing because it only gets better.

(Note that I have been engaging in a lot of introspection and some discussion this week about my tendency toward vulgar, self-deprecating hyperbole, so that might be why I decided to revisit this clip today, but I don’t yet have any thoughts about that that I feel comfortable sharing here. Watch this space? Or just watch the video.)